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VISTEC Learning Center aims to support VISTEC to be a world-class frontier research university and foster passionate faculty and talented students to improve their knowledge and skills thereby increasing Thailand ‘s competitiveness, sustainable development and propensity. Moreover, VISTEC Learning Center will archive publications produced by VISTEC and other related VISTEC publications.


1. To provide all information resources covering wide range of subjects and facilities to support research and learning activities in VISTEC.
2. To promote and encourage the use of VISTEC Learning Center information resources and facilities so that all resources and facilities are utilized for maximum benefits.
3. To collect and archive all publications produced by VISTEC such as students’ theses, VISTEC newsletters and other publications including books and magazines. and to make those publications available and easily accessible.


Vidyasirimedhi building | 1st floor | 555 Moo 1 Payupnai Wangchan Rayong 21210 | THAILAND 
Phone: +(66) 033-01-4115
E-Mail: daraporn.m@vistec.ac.th
Website: http://opac.vistec.ac.th/main/index.aspx


Working Hours for VISTEC people: MON – FRI   08.00 – 18.00 hrs. The Learning Center’s operation days are compliance with the Institute’s operation.
Vistec Learning Center (VLC) has printed materials including books, magazines and others. In addition, non-printed materials such as CDs and DVDs are available. Lastly Vistec Learning Center provides multiple online databases and research tools.

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